No more lines.

A scheduling service that maximizes store occupancy without putting people at risk of COVID-19.

A simple scheduler

Tell us your business hours and how many Fastpasses you want and we'll set up your site. Your customers can then schedule their visit ahead of time. The less they have to wait, the more you will be able to sell them.

Mobile Wallet apps are standard

Adding a Fastpass is easy. No need to install an app since Apple and Google Wallets are included on smartphones by default.

Send out notifications

Build a helpful conversation with your customers. Remind them of your COVID-19 guidelines as they arrive to your business.

works with

Passes are powerful

Packed with the latest payment technology, wallet passes are secure and convenient.

Scanning is hygienic and fast

Wallet passes support barcode and contactless interfaces, so scanning them for validation is noninvasive. This will help keep your customers and staff healthy.

Keep government regulators informed

Some state and local governments require record keeping of customer interactions in order to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. Fastpass allows you to access this data in case of an audit.